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t a l k t o t i n d i

Personal Brand Expert

Certified NLP Practitioner

Life Coach

EFT Practitioner

What I do for you:

personal Branding professional coach business coach

There is nothing more powerful than knowing one’s self. Personal Branding starts with you and the best version of it is in how you showcase your authentic self. I ensure through my tools that you will resonate with your resume, social media profiles, bios, etc.

Coaching is no different! With a knack to make others feel good about themselves, I have developed ways to get people to open up, one-on-one and or in groups. In every case my goal is to coach my clients in realizing that all they need is within themselves. Whether on a professional or personal level, I empower clients to own their process and thus their journey.

How I positively impact your journey…

Personal Branding

With years of experience making people shine, I have learned how to get you to show up authentically in your resume/CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letters. Drawing from your own words, I have clients share a resume/cv, take a personality test, and answer a questionnaire as vulnerably as they can. In the end you resonate!

Business Coaching

Everybody gets stuck. It is a natural part of our journey. Using NLP tools, I coach you back on track. In many cases, just having someone guide you through the hiccups of work life can propel you further than you imagined. It is all in how you see things. A block can be a blessing in disguise. An opportunity to re-evaluate!

Personal Coaching

I will hold a space for you to unpack, let go, and grow into the person you desire to Be. I’ll guide you through what is keeping you from being your greater self; coach you through processes and techniques; and lead you into your Greatness. Often times, your personal and professional side overlaps because it is all you.


What People Say

Happy New Year Tindi. I would like to really thank you for the support and constant guidance you have offered me the past year. 2020 was my most painful moment emotionally and shook me on all planes and through it all you guided me on the path of recovery and growth and now I am at a place where I am constantly seeking growth. May 2021 bring you happiness and peace and may the universe reward you for all the good you put out there.

David.K. (Life Coach Client)

The biggest impact Tindi had on the LBQ womxn that sought her during COVID19 is her ability to motivate. People needed the awakening, and were given a sense of awakening. They had little direction and after their sessions things started to feel like they were making sense. They want this kind of support more often.

Deellyan Kish, LEBIT Rainbow Women

Hey!! I hope you are well, on this fine start of the year. Just wanted to say how truly grateful i am to have know you, even if for a short while, as we are just getting started.😊 Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead, of course walking this journey together.

Wanjiku K. (Life Coach Client)

Tindi, you made me free and comfortable talking to you, which I had never done before. You understood me and I could feel your presence and commitment to help me. Thank you soo much for making me feel like I can talk to you even if I didn’t know you. I can’t wait to talk to you again!

Life Coach Client, July 2020

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Basic Personal Branding package:

Resume, LinkedIn Profile & Cover letter @ $100

Executive Branding package:

Coaching, Resume, LinkedIn Profile starts @ $150

Personal Branding Accelerated packages:

from @ $240/month at 3 months

Business and Personal one-on-one coaching

starts at @ $25/hour

Couple Coaching sessions

available @ $35/hour

Group Coaching sessions

available starting @ $30/hour for marginalized persons

Personal coaching

starts at @ $25/hour via zoom/telephone